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What is a Crunk Cup?

A Crunk Cup, is oftentimes called a Pimp Cup, is a decked out bling bling'n chalice that shows you are at a heightened state of excitement and are ready "to get the party started right and get the party started quickly." People have at times before thought that to be crunked meant on was drunk - but that is totally wrong. It means you are ready for a good time.

To carry a Crunk Cup in your hand shows that you are following in the footsteps of many great artists who too have shown they are ready to party: Lil Jon, Don Juan, Nelly. It is a status symbol. It is a symbol of power, pimpn', playin', and partyin'.

Crunk Cups come in a variety of colors which can show off your mood: red to show you are on fire; blue because you are hip and cool; green because people will envy you and your cup. There is also gold to show you are Da Pimp. Your cup can be as elaborate and decked out as you. You can bling bling your cup with diamonds and jewels to match your latest new custom grill, too. You can personalize a Crunk Cup to suit you so all will know that you are a true pimp! You can order one for you or buy a case for you and all ya' playas.

Everyone needs a cup for his Pimp Juice, but the question is what will your Crunk Cup say about you? To obtain your Crunk Cup, click on the link below.